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Metallic Structures

Our team is formed by trained people capable of facing any challenge, this work has required the ability of our team to create steel structures and that their quality is based on their strength and durability, but what are the metal structures?

A structure is a set of parts joined together that form a body, a shape or a whole, intended to withstand the effects of the forces acting on the body.

  The Metallic Structures are those that most of the elements or parts that form it are made of metal (more than 80%), usually steel. A structure of this type can be called a Steel Structure.

 Remember that steel is an alloy (combination or mixture) of iron (Fe) and carbon (C) as long as the percentage of carbon is less than 2%. This percentage of carbon usually varies between 0.05% and 2% maximum. Other materials such as Cr (Chromium), Ni (Nickel) or Mn (Manganese) are sometimes incorporated into the alloy in order to achieve certain properties and are called alloy steels.

 Steel has 3 great advantages when it comes to building structures:

 - Supports great efforts or weights without breaking.

 - It is flexible. It can bend without breaking until certain forces. A steel building can flex when pushed aside for example, by wind or an earthquake.

 - It has plasticity. It can even bend (plasticity) without breaking. This property allows steel buildings to deform, thus giving warning to the inhabitants to escape.

 A steel structure rarely collapses. Steel in most cases behaves much better in the earthquake than most other materials due to its properties.

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