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The TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding process uses an electric arc as a source of energy that is established between the non-consumable electrode and the piece to be welded with the protective envelope of the inert gas. When filler material is used, it is provided by the use of rods, in the same way as in oxyacetylene welding.

Due to the scarcity of fumes and projections, we can obtain clean and uniform welds and also allow the welder a clear view of what he is doing at all times, which has a favorable effect on the quality of the weld. The resulting bead has a better surface finish, and the possibility of rapid modification of the result has its effect on production costs since the amount of resources required is much lower. 

However, such quality implies dangers as well as minimal knowledge on the part of the welder. Below we offer you the main warnings that you should be clear about, to be able to work in complete safety and obtain the best results in welding quality.

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