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Metal fences have been used for many years to add attractive protection to properties and homes. More places are starting to use them. You can see them around swimming pools, houses, apartments, schools, and even shopping centers. The purpose of the security fence is generally to prevent someone from entering your premises. They are also used to protect children and pets from falling into swimming pools. They can even be used to decorate your patio and garden. Short metal security gates have been placed around the gardens and even the edges of the patios to give them a more elegant and exquisite look. 


Aluminum fences can look a lot like iron security fences. These aluminum fences are ideal for decorative gates as they can be molded and molded into various designs and their lightweight material makes them easy to install. 


Stainless steel fences seem to be heavier than aluminum fences hold up pretty well over time and have a metallic luster and resistance over time. 


Iron fences are heavier, stronger, and sturdier. Iron fence is an ideal fencing material if you are trying to build a gate for security purposes. However, the iron requires maintenance due to oxidation

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