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We work in a professional and effective way, to meet the expectations of each project. Our team is manufacturing these Handrails made of Stainless Steel with beautiful finishes (finish # 7).

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Edit Your Content Here!Our team of polishers works on new Stainless Steel Rails with beautiful finish, in (finish # 6), our team is prepared to face new manufacturing challenges, this project is characterized by the difficulty of polishing in each column of the rail because of its proximity Between each of them, we are able to find solutions to solve the challenges that arise in each project.

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Metallic Structures

Our team is formed by trained people capable of facing any challenge, this work has required the ability of our team to create steel structures and that their quality is based on their strength and durability, but what are the metal structures?

A structure is a set of parts joined together that form a body, a shape or a whole, intended to withstand the effects of the forces acting on the body.

  The Metallic Structures are those that most of the elements or parts that form it are made of metal (more than 80%), usually steel. A structure of this type can be called a Steel Structure.

 Remember that steel is an alloy (combination or mixture) of iron (Fe) and carbon (C) as long as the percentage of carbon is less than 2%. This percentage of carbon usually varies between 0.05% and 2% maximum. Other materials such as Cr (Chromium), Ni (Nickel) or Mn (Manganese) are sometimes incorporated into the alloy in order to achieve certain properties and are called alloy steels.

 Steel has 3 great advantages when it comes to building structures:

 - Supports great efforts or weights without breaking.

 - It is flexible. It can bend without breaking until certain forces. A steel building can flex when pushed aside for example, by wind or an earthquake.

 - It has plasticity. It can even bend (plasticity) without breaking. This property allows steel buildings to deform, thus giving warning to the inhabitants to escape.

 A steel structure rarely collapses. Steel in most cases behaves much better in the earthquake than most other materials due to its properties.

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There is nothing better than the types of stainless steel railings with professional design for decks, balconies, stairs and walls.

Tailor-made stainless handrail kits are an attractive way to increase the aesthetics and safety of any place, so that it has a clean appearance. In addition, they are easy to install.

Choosing the most suitable stainless steel railing for your home or business requires careful consideration.

Why use stainless steel for your project?

Stainless steel is a highly durable and versatile metal, used in many industries for various purposes. This metal is especially preferred for home improvement tasks because it is tough and easy to maintain. In home improvement projects, stainless steel is mainly used to make exterior and interior accessories, such as handrails and railings.

Stainless steel railings are extremely popular due to the obvious benefits they offer.

In addition to being easy to install, this type of handrail can be held by posts mounted as separate handrails or can be fixed on a handrail bracket and mounted on the wall, unlike wooden handrails, which have more limited benefits due to their short duration .

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Among all types of milling machines, the numerical control by computer in milling machines (CNC), the quality, allows the automation of production. It focuses mainly on various means of production, both simple and complex parts.

The technological and innovative development of recent years in terms of machining with the milling machine has been enormous. For several years, tools have been used that have created new possibilities for milling, cutting and machining.

Because of its psobilidities it is possible to make precise and fast cuts which has allowed us to increase the production of our projects exponentially, thanks to this you will save valuable time in the projects you have entrusted to us.

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Lacquering aluminum consists of the electrostatic application of a powder paint to the surface of the aluminum. The paints used for this finish are polyester or polyurethane resins. It is worth noting the great resistance of these finishes to UV rays, atmospheric agents and corrosion.

One of its main advantages of lacquering is that there is a very wide range of colors. All the possibilities of coloring and shades are reflected in the RAL chart, which is a standard that attributes a 4-digit code to each color.

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The restoration depends largely on the type of metal, (iron, copper, brass, bronze, etc.) since each one has different qualities.

Over time, metal pieces and objects rust or become damaged, metal pieces end up losing their shine and color, which is why a restoration work will be necessary.

Metal polishing cleans, polishes and restores articles that are pure or plated with gold, silver, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, nickel, chrome or other metals and alloys. Achieving a smooth, shiny surface requires tools such as stationary, benchtop, or portable grinding, polishing, and polishing machines. Solvents, acids and various abrasive materials are used to degrease, clean, polish and polish metals.

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In the case of some metals and their alloys, the patina appears naturally with the passage of time due to the corrosion of the material. The metal, from the action of various environmental components, gradually returns to its natural mineral condition. In this process, a kind of layer of salts is formed which is known as patina.

Patina is therefore a coating that affects the appearance of your metal pieces and gives them a very beautiful rustic and antique tone.

At All American Finishing we have a skate service for different types of metal, you can request a sample or review our catalog.

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Plasma Cutting Service

Our plasma cutting service allows us to cut the sheet either with a manual torch or with our plasma cutting table.

The plasma cutting service allows different metals to be processed in various calibers, however, at Frencher Servicios Industriales we recommend the plasma cutting service for the manufacture of parts that do not require demanding finishes and for parts that are large, since the Finishes may vary according to the requirements of the project.

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Stainless Steel Handrails

Handrails are installed on the stairs to offer support to users. When it comes to choosing handrails, there are many options available, not only in design, but also in material. You can choose one that matches your home decor. However, of all the types available, stainless steel handrails are the best option as they provide many benefits. Stainless steel handrails are durable, strong, consume less space, and require less cleaning and maintenance.

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Metal fences have been used for many years to add attractive protection to properties and homes. More places are starting to use them. You can see them around swimming pools, houses, apartments, schools, and even shopping centers. The purpose of the security fence is generally to prevent someone from entering your premises. They are also used to protect children and pets from falling into swimming pools. They can even be used to decorate your patio and garden. Short metal security gates have been placed around the gardens and even the edges of the patios to give them a more elegant and exquisite look. 


Aluminum fences can look a lot like iron security fence. These aluminum fences are ideal for decorative gates as they can be molded and molded into various designs and their lightweight material makes it easy to install. 


Stainless steel fences seem to be heavier than aluminum fences hold up pretty well over time and have a metallic luster and resistance over time. 


Iron fences are heavier, stronger, and sturdier. Iron fence is an ideal fencing material if you are trying to build a gate for security purposes. However, the iron requires maintenance due to oxidation

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The TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding process uses an electric arc as a source of energy that is established between the non-consumable electrode and the piece to be welded with the protective envelope of the inert gas. When filler material is used, it is provided by the use of rods, in the same way as in oxyacetylene welding.

Due to the scarcity of fumes and projections, we can obtain clean and uniform welds and also allow the welder a clear view of what he is doing at all times, which has a favorable effect on the quality of the weld. The resulting bead has a better surface finish, and the possibility of rapid modification of the result has its effect on production costs since the amount of resources required is much lower. 

However, such quality implies dangers as well as minimal knowledge on the part of the welder. Below we offer you the main warnings that you should be clear about, to be able to work in complete safety and obtain the best results in welding quality.

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