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The handle is a mechanism used to open a door. Therefore, it needs some type of door fixing mechanism or latch so that it does not open unless we activate the lever of the handle. The handle has some kind of twist. It can be manually or electronically actuated. It is typical of folding doors or windows.

There are 3 types of handle:

- Handle with plate

- Handle with rosette

- Knob.

A handle, knob, or latch is the mechanism used to open doors, drawers, etc. There are several models, types and shapes of handles. Some are rotating, that is, it is necessary to turn them to be able to activate them. Others are fixed, and it is hardly necessary to pull. Finally, there are those that need to be forced down to open. The usual materials for the manufacture of handles are brass, bronze, aluminum, zamak, iron and other common metal alloys.

Regarding the aesthetic part, the finishes of the profile can provide contrast, uniformity or even luminosity to the design. The most common are white, black, gold (brass) and steel, although they can also be seen in copper, and even in some bright colors.

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