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Advantages of Brass as a manufacturing material

The use of brass in the field of decoration is well known, however, its uses and applications extend to other fields, adding to its merely aesthetic contribution.

On many occasions, all its virtues can be combined, adding these to the decorative function of brass, providing added value in products where brass is the material used.

Brass is an alloy mainly of copper and zinc, the former being the majority. As such it is known and used by man, even before the discovery of Zinc.

This alloy has an excellent list of properties that make possible the wide variety of uses and applications it has:

Excellent corrosion resistance.

Good welding conditions.

Ease of polishing, brightening, metallizing and finishing.

No magnetic permeability.

Good wear resistance.

Attractive and versatile solid colors, not just on the surface.

Low stamping temperatures, which allows a long duration of the molds and dies.

Does not degrade in sunlight.

In addition to these interesting characteristics, one more must be added, as unknown as it is interesting: the bacteriostatic properties of copper and its alloys.

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